CENTRAL LAKE,  Guangzhou, China

A new Masterplan Hub destination for the city of Guangzhou

Residential, Retail
Site area: 44.70 ha
Total GFA:1,293,560.00 m2

The Central Lake project in China starts as a residential project, but due to its size and density, many other urban related considerations arise as against to designing a purely residential development.

The increased demands of population for this project, introduces new challenges into the equation such as the need for services, green areas, entertainment and the overall connection of the project with the city.

From the design point of view, a wide selection of residential variations is included in the project to respond to the different lifestyle preferences that the current market presents.

In order to add an identity to the different areas, the project is divided in various neighborhoods, each of them with their own private gardens. A wide public area is used to glue all these neighborhoods together and the whole of the project with the rest of the city.