International competition for South Sea Pearl Eco Island
Project author OAB in collaboration with SOG design

Urban planning,  Architecture
Masterplan, mixed use, hospitality, transport
Site area: 230.50 ha
Total GFA: 3,000,000.00 m2

This is an international competition for the South sea Ecoisland masterplan in Hainan Island. The client dream is to build a self-contained Island generating its own electricity and been very respectful with the environment. The projected Sustainable Master Plan solves all South Sea Pearl Ecoisland demands in order to reduce consumptions (and Hainan dependence) and provide technical solutions on energy, water, matter cycle, mobility, biodiversity and public space as a whole, provided by a systemic vision.

The South Sea Ecoisland in Hainan, China, is a joined effort to build a self-sustained island from an energy point of view and to become a national example for sustainability and low carbon emissions.

Regarding the project, a series of professional studios worked together to propose technical solutions on energy, water, matter cycle, mobility, biodiversity and inhabitant’s quality of life. An example of a holistic vision and a shared strategy where professionals of many disciplines put their ideas together in order to present a vision of the future city.

This is not just accomplished by using sustainable energy sources or architectural thermic solutions, but also by presenting comprehensive and efficient urban planning.

This ensures the use of alternative modes of transportation, maximize green spaces, optimize circulation, encourages pedestrian and cycling mobility and sets a positive example to prove that a new kind of city is possible; a city without the need for impractical futuristic utopia or extreme economic investments.

Masterplan International competitionMasterplan International competition