SOG is a global boutique Design Studio with office in Barcelona, Guangzhou and Singapore.

Who we are

Sergio, Oriol and Gemma founded SOG studio in 2013 and they opened the first office in Barcelona after 10 years of working together. One year later, in 2014, the Guangzhou office was launched and the firm quickly expanded towards China and the Asian Market.
Since then, we have been working in a large variety of international projects while gaining a considerable experience in Commercial, Hospitality and Mixed Use typology. Our expertise ranges from Masterplan to Architecture and Interior Design.
From the beginning 2019 SOG has a new office in Singapore with the incorporation of 2 new partners, Guido and Ricard, with the mission to expand the business in the Southeast Asia market.


Barcelona is the origin of our firm and also the source of inspiration for most of our projects. From its memorable architecture to the unique forms of its local street and art, the city has always been a hub for design and innovative urban thinking as well as a great success in terms of international public realm. While Barcelona is a central nod to our creative and commercial heritage, we are a future-focused company and we strive to create the best and optimal solutions for our clients.

Bespoke solutions

We are an interconnected global network of studios who are united by passion and strive to create bespoke solutions for every single project.
Each project starts from a curated and crafted array of lines in the form of brush-strokes sketches, which will lead us to different challenges and cutting edge thinking solutions.
We focus on different design approaches depending on the project scale, where each of them will demand a different level of subtleness or stroke finesse.