12 MINISTRIES COMPETITION | Vision for the New Administrative Center of Hanoi Capital

The 12 Ministries Project is our concept vision for the Head Office
of Ministries and Central Agencies in the West Gate of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Masterplan, Architecture
Mixed-Use, Office
Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, Government of Vietnam
Total NFA: 350,000 m2
Total GFA: 498,583 m2

With our initial selection by the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam in the competition to design an urban plan and architecture concept, we proposed a new symbol of the government administration and Vietnamese culture.

Developing a formal and timeless architectural language, we designed an enduring landmark that leaves a legacy for future generations.

Our design utilizes architectural and landscape solutions to establish distance and create level differences for security purposes, while still maintaining a visual connection with nature and the surrounding urban context.

The 35ha complex public service institution development features workspaces that foster innovation and creativity, connected with the local nature and culture.

In addition, the vision includes series of large public halls where the activities and achievements of the Ministries and Central Agencies are showcased to the public. This will ensure a sustainable connection between the authorities and the people.