PUERTO VENECIA, Zaragoza, Spain

A new Retail and Entertainment Complex
In Collaboration with L35 Architects

Masterplan, Architecture, Interior Design
Eurofound Investment / L35 Architects
Site area: 8.56 ha
Total GFA: 275,000.00 m2

Creating a new retail and leisure destination in the outskirts of Zaragoza. Puerto Venecia is meant to be a super-regional center and to be able to attract people from the surrounding cities and region.

From the commercial point of view, this ambitious large-scale project should be seen as a super-regional centre. It combines various distinct elements, especially with its layout around a lake and more than 25,000 square metres of green areas planted with a broad range of species. The resort is organized around a 500m linear park, with water as the main feature, bringing together a great range of activities including commercial, leisure, tourism and adventure for all ages.

Located in an exceptional position and well connected with the city centre and main transport arteries, Puerto Venecia offers a new concept in the world of big commercial areas, the “shopping resort”, based on the creation of spaces promoting a lasting experience for visitors.