Project Description

XIN XING SELLING CENTER, Yunfu, Guandong, China

Headquarters and Selling Center Xin Xing
In collaboration with AHK + Teamer Int

Office, Mixed use
Xinxing Town Government
Total GFA: 2,320.00 m2

The building is located at the entrance of the tech park of Xing Xing and gives the welcome to the visitors. The buildings that surround it, are buildings for the technologic industry, have a very rational formalization.The building is designed as a pavilion in the green surroundings of the Tech Park. The interaction between architecture and landscape is intensified by placing the building on a green mound.

We have looked for a volumetry that does not compete in height and volume with the buildings around it, but that formally relates and dialogues with all of them leaving spaces for the landscape. With this elliptical geometry appear some green exterior squares which allow the visitor to access the building from different levels.

The irregular lot has been ordered by a large platform on which the volume of the building rises elliptically. The project has a very strong and underground base who acts like a basement where all the accesses converge. The cladding of the façade is made up of a second perforated metal skin that never touches the ground: in this way it is possible to take weight out of a building.

The elliptical shape arises from the need to adapt a building of large dimensions, an impressive volumetry, and try to minimize its impact within the urban layout. We choose an elliptical shape, because of the favorable ratio of surface area relative to the area of the façade. This minimizes energy loss through the building’s skin.

The interior of the building is emptied, to create a new reality independent of the environment. The three floors of the building are linked to each other by a central atrium in which lazy stairs connects the different floors.