EL MALLOL, Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Spain

Demolition, consolidation and refurbishment of the “El Mallol” building
In collaboration with Carles Crosas, architect

Architecture, Interior Design
Public cultural equipment
Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà City Council
Total NFA: 667.05 m2
Total GFA: 915.05 m2

The reconstruction of an urban hamlet badly hurt by water and abandonment inspires the location of a new collective and multi-functional program through the opening of new interior spaces. The light and air inserted into the building generate a new spatiality that transforms the rigid structure of rammed earth walls and dark rooms.

Programmatic changes are made with a new access system and staircases that make the building more versatile. The sumptuous original entrance and the stone staircase leading to the first floor remain on the ground floor. Accessibility and evacuation

requirements are resolved with an elevator and the location of a new staircase in the east wing, which provides secondary access that is strategic for the partial operation of the building (multipurpose room P1 and coworking space P2). The main access to the second floor, totally residual in the original construction, now articulates the central space of the building, with a new wooden staircase located in the double-height space illuminated by the skylight.

El Mallol project SOG DesignEl Mallol project SOG Design