We are glad to announce that The Lux Resort&Villas jointly designed by SOG design and Teamer INT is complete.

广西崇左秘境丽世(LUX)度假村由SOG design和Teamer联袂设计,坐落于自然风景优美的崇左市大新县AAAA级景区明仕田园,被美丽而独特的喀斯特地貌环抱,依偎于蜿蜒的明仕河畔。

Guangxi Chongzuo Secret Land Horizon Resort and Villas are jointly designed by SOG design and Teamer. It is located in the Mingshi Countryside AAAA-level scenic spot in Daxin, Chongzuo with beautiful natural scenery, and surrounded by beautiful and unique karst landforms and nestled on the winding Mingshi River.


The project team confirmed the overall tone of the hotel to take the riverside secret environment as the theme, follow the principle of “natural environment first”, and present a diversified residence experience resort to visitors through Poetic planning and design. The following will be shown in three aspects: wonderland, a slow journey, and craftsmanship.

LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign
LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign


Tropical plants can be seen everywhere in the hotel, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor life. The vast space is full of natural light, close to the river and to the greatest extent, making people feel extremely cozy and relaxed.


The guests who crossed the water from the west would walk through a quiet tree-lined road and arrive at the prologue hall without a totally clear view.


After entering the hotel lobby by the elevator, it suddenly opened up through the huge viewing frame in front of visitors. Layers of mountains and jungle crossings making up the whole panoramic view.


Sitting quietly and looking far away, the semi-open lobby of the hotel is adjacent to the winding Mingshi River. Wind Shakes the Barley, and the rustle is sound, along with the karst peaks rise from the ground in the distance.


The infinity pool is suspended above the Mingshi River, and you can swim comfortably. Watching the sun dwindle and the sunset shine feels like being in a wonderland.


The rustic design defines sophistication more diversely, showing the unique Asian beauty in the hotel design, and welcoming unforgettable moments in life in an extraordinary way.

LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign
LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign


As long as you look up, the picturesque scenery everywhere, suites with independent pools, and villas with private terraces and swimming pools integrated into nature all embody the art of “slow journey”.


The resort consists of 56 suites and villas in total, among them, diving in, bathing in the beauty of the mountains, sleeping in the picturesque scenery.


By exploring the application of stone masonry and wood in the local architecture of Zhuang, adapting to local conditions, using the framework of modern architecture, the language of Zhuang architecture is expressed in a more advanced manner.

LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign
LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign
LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign


The choice of materials is biased towards nature. Through the use of wood, stone, and copper, the texture and color of the material sincerely show its nature: wood grain, earth color, limestone grain, and the rough surface formed by stacking, etc., walking in the building is like watching a collage by nature.


One of the architectural inspirations comes from the unique Zhuang traditional stilted buildings in tropical provinces of China. The use of materials follows the basic principles of light materials (such as glass and wood) and heavy materials (such as stone) below.

LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign
LUX Resort & Villas | SOGdesign

主要设计人SOG design与天萌国际设计合作项目
占地面积:2.22 Ha
建筑面积:13737 m2
Location:Guangxi, China
Client:  LUX
Service:Masterplan, Architecture
Designer: SOG design in collaboration with TEAMER
Site area: 2.22 Ha
Total GFA: 13737 m2