Project Description


A green OASIS Office complex for Country Garden in Panyu, Guandong

Country Garden
Site area: 6,042.90 ha
Total GFA: 116,140.00 m2

The site presents a lot of acoustic pollution and bad quality of the air. This is the reason why we want to create an elegant, green and comfortable environment in the center of the project, protecting it from the surrounding area. Our design has been inspired by the idea of an Oasis, a green and comfortable heart in the middle of the desert. The Oasis has two important characteristics. On one hand is easy to recognize from the outside, and on the other, is safe and comfortable once inside.

The Outside: When we see the project from the outside it must have a strong unity. This provides its identity and makes it easy to recognize. The outside of the project has to work as a protection from the solar radiation, noise, traffic and general environment. When seen from the outside, the multiple buildings that form the project must dissolve into one single form without losing their individuality.

The Inside: We will concentrate the activity in the center of the project. The art of the Oasis. The center of the project will have a two floors garden, a place where we can control the

environment and with it control the image of the companies contained in the project. A big shared entrance to the project will direct the people inside the garden where all the lobbies and entrances for the different companies will be located. Coffee places, shared meeting rooms, gardens controlled space that will make everyone forget about the outside no matter how noise or isolated