SOG - COVID 19 viewpoint

Our message of encouragement on the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus.

After a year of navigating through the extraordinary conditions set by the pandemic, along with the rest of the world, SOG design has been learning from this unique experience.

Split between our distant studio locations, the team has grown closer by connecting over habitual online calls, however, this time with the new sensitivity to how essential social contact and collaboration really are.

Despite the initial uncertainty, SOG design has managed to adapt and stay active.

We invite everyone to reflect on their growth, living in the New Reality; As does Guido Bigolin, our Partner in Singapore, who chooses to embrace the current conditions with positivity.

“I would like to think about Covid as positively as possible and try to analyze its positive impact, the negative one we are unfortunately all well aware of”.

To remind ourselves and our friends online that it’s possible to focus our attention on favourable outcomes, here are some insights on Guido’s list:

  1. Boosted flexibility and trust in the work environment;
  2. Access to the market worldwide, as everyone welcomes discussion and virtual meetings;
  3. Access to the talent worldwide, you can hire remotely from an unlimited pool of talent;
  4. The undeniable importance of physical meetings for certain tasks and duties;
  5. The importance of flexibility and future-proofing in the way we design our cities and buildings.