Keen to announce our selection by the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam in the competition to design an urban plan / architecture concept for the Head Office Area for Ministries, Central Agencies in Hanoi.

The project is outlined to become a ‘modern, synchronous head office area; flexible to meet diversified needs of ministries and sectors’.

Do Trung Kien, Senior Associate Director

Do Trung Kien, our Senior Associate Director, with his #insight into SOG design being selected for the project:

“It is a great honour to have the opportunity to design one of the most prestigious and iconic projects for the Vietnam Government in the heart of Hanoi.

The 35ha complex public service institution development will not only be the new head office of multiple central government agencies, but also a new architectural landmark of the country.

Participating in the competition with many top architecture firms globally gives SOG design a great opportunity to show our forward-thinking capability with cutting-edge design.

Our team, in collaboration with RSP, has a diversified international experience and deep knowledge of local culture and context that enables us to create something meaningful for Vietnam and its people”.

We look forward to expanding our reach into Vietnam and contributing to the country’s growing infrastructure.