Animal Shelter: an eco-tourism project by SOG design Singapore

Another project from our portfolio in South East Asia: Animal Shelter — masterplan of a hub for Eco-Tourism.

The Animal Shelter project is strategically located in the province of Lào Cai — in the northwest of Vietnam. This is a truly special site, which inspired the development of a concept that is respectful and mindful of the landscape heritage.

Our team in Singapore incorporates sufficient green spaces throughout the whole development, which becomes an immersive experience of the topography for visitors. One of the main criteria — to preserve the rich variety of flora and fauna in the area pine forest.

The project carries a range of attractions for the eco-conscious tourist, ranging from commercial programs to more private and tranquil areas, to absorb the sights of Lào Cai.

We visualized the concept for The Animal Shelter and are keen to share our vision with you.